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So, You Just Got Engaged, What's next?

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The First 10 Steps After Yesss!


Step 1: Celebrate!

Before you tell everyone, take a moment. Pop that bottle of bubbles and savor this time because soon you will be caught up in the throws of wedding planning


Step 2: Share the news!

Whether you shout it from the roof tops or slowly slip the secret out to all your friends and family, you’re not going to want to hold this news in!! Some couples prefer to tell their parents and immediate family first, others just go for it and announce it to everyone at once, What's your style?


Step 3: Party time!

This would be a good time to make that big announcement or, if you’ve already told everyone you know, an engagement party is a great way to celebrate with friends and family before getting weighed down by all the wedding details. Often, the couple's family or close friends will host the event, so if you don’t have someone to plan the party, Bridal Bae will take care of all the details!


Step 4: Set a budget!

Before making any big decisions, it’s important to figure out what you are able to spend and whether your families will contribute. Make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page before talking to families about budget and logistics.


Step 5: Draft the guest list!

Once you set your budget, it’s time to figure out who should be part of your special day. If you’re on the fence about someone, decide by asking yourself “would I invite them over to my house for dinner?” If you wouldn’t, do not feel the need to invite him or her.


Step 6: Envision your Big Picture!

Think about the type of wedding you both want, maybe it’s the event you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child or maybe it’s one that reflects your current tastes. It’s easy to get lost in all the pins on Pinterest but what style best suits YOUR wedding? Even if you have your heart set on a formal ballroom, considering other possibilities, such as a farm-chic country-style brunch or a refined seaside ceremony may change your mind or reinforce your choice. Same holds true for choosing time of day and mood of the wedding. Sit down and ask each other some questions to get inspired!


Step 7: Pick a Venue!

Now that you have your budget and guest list settled, it’s time to pick your wedding venue. Where you wed can decide a lot about the wedding-- from date to decor to dress code. The key is to look far and wide and always “try on” different options, you never know what might fit.


Step 8: Save the Date!

At this point, I’m sure you’ve been asked “When’s the wedding?” Or “Have you picked a date yet?” Now that you’ve picked your venue, you should be able to choose a date! Reveal your date if you have one or let your curious friends know plans are in the making- as they should be, especially if you want to hold your wedding at a popular time of year. Locations, photographers, caterers and other professionals books up quickly, sometimes over a year in advance!


Step 9: Register!

These days there are so many options for gift registry. Some couples are skipping the gifts completely and setting up “Moon” registries so guests can help pay for the honeymoon! Find out what you and your partner really need or want and decide what the best route is. As soon as people find out about the big day, gifts start flowing in! It’s never too early to register, not only to ensure you get what you need, but also to make it easier on friends and family who don’t know what to buy. Even if you don’t register for everything right away, at least go online and decide on a few things for your list.


Step 10: Setup a Website!

So many companies offer web pages for weddings now. It is a great resource; guests can log in to see dates, times, and locations. You can even add your love story and pictures for your guests to see and get excited over!

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