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10 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Here at Bridal Bae, we believe so much in what we do that we are willing to let you all in on some tips to make your bachelorette party planning as successful as ours!



Consult the bride

Are you traveling for a Bachelorette weekend or staying local for a bachelorette night on the town? This is the perfect time to plan the guest list, pick a date, and discuss the brides expectations. The size of the party will most likely decrease if this becomes a mini vacay however, with a little research and commitment, it’s possible to plan a destination weekend for up to 12 people and keep it in budget for everyone!  


Create a Guest List

While most of the details should be a surprise, it is important to consult the bride-to-be about who she wants on the list. Don’t forget to include important family- like close cousins or future sister-in-laws that aren't as close. Don't include anyone that isn't invited to the wedding but usually the bride will want more than just her bridal party in attendance.


Don’t forget the bride

Many times, the person planning a bachelorette party can get caught up in the Amazon sea of novelty straws. However, it’s not every lady's dream to be neck deep in penis paraphernalia (if she is, go for it and party hard!) so it’s important to tailor the experience to the bride. Sometimes a girl just loves a classy brunch or some historic site seeing and that’s okay too! Think about your friend's personality and try to plan something you know she’d love! Bridal Bae’s favorite bachelorette weekend included a day drinking at Wekiva Island in Central Florida.


Set a budget

This would be a good time to reach out to the A-list- The people you know are down, no matter the circumstances! Talk with the bridesmaids about what everyone can afford to spend on one night or the weekend, use those negotiating skills until everyone is on the same page.

REMEMBER- The bride doesn’t pay for anything; her costs should be factored into everyone else’s portions. Knowing in advance what you can spend will help narrow down options in the future. 


Send the invite

I’m not talking about anything formal, a group text or an email with the chosen date, budget and general plan- even if you don’t have all the details ironed out, will do. Aim to get the word out at least two months in advance to give people time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements. This should be when the guest list solidifies itself. People will decide based on the plans and budget; if they are able to attend and will effectively narrow down your guest list. If collecting money, I suggest setting a date and getting a deposit before the party/weekend. Let everyone know the costs upfront so there are no surprises. 


Make the plans

If you’re staying in town for the night, find out what restaurants and activities fit everyone’s budget and make a rough plan for how the night will flow- remember things don’t always go as planned so leave some room between activities. When planning an out of town bachelorette weekend, this would be the time to decide what destination best suits everyone’s budget. Where is everyone coming from? Is there a central location everyone can meet? Does the bride want to go on an all inclusive weekend such as a cruise or weekend in Cancun? These are all huge factors to consider in planning a weekend Bachelorette party. 



Do not leave this detail out! especially if there will be drinking, it is important to keep everyone safe. Call around for rates, depending on your party size you may go for a limo, car service or maybe even a party bus; some local breweries will even Offer a “beer bus” for the night. No matter what you choose, it’s crucial to have safe transportation for a party full of people who have been drinking. 


Pick a theme

Before buying any decorations decide on a general theme (even if it’s just a color) for the party or bachelorette weekend get inspired by Bridal Bae's Bach Bash Pinterest Board! 

Social Media Game Plan

Make sure everyone is one the same page, are we snap chatting videos or are we deleting all traces of the debauchery? Decide with the bride and guests what the best plan is for your party.

No Gifts

This is not a gift-based event- spend the money on the memories, not the items. Make it known that no one is expected to bring a gift and if they want to contribute more, they should bring a bottle of alcohol or something for the party! As the planner it’s always fun to give out a goody bad of gag gifts and painkillers, especially for those weekend Bachelorette parties! 

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